July 23, 2009

always a word of hope

On Monday I said my rule was that I don't preach the Psalm, and that is still my rule, but we are discussing the Psalm during the Christian Formation hour this summer, and I really think Sunday's conversation might be a whole lot of fun. As far as I can tell from a quick perusal of the BCP lectionary, Psalm 14 was not read as a Sunday lesson, and somewhere in VA, Efel is rejoicing that it will be read this Sunday.

On the heels of David and his illicit and horribly unclean rondezvous with Bathsheba, this Psalm adds the the very heavy Old Testament tone for this Sunday. It feels like it wants to add to the notion that the OT is nasty and the NT is happy clappy, but to assume that is to miss the entirety of the Psalm.

Even as "there is none who have done good..." God still promises deliverance for his people Isreal. Grace abounds, even in Psalm 14. I haven't done the research myself, but if I recall my Hebrew Bible from seminary, there is nary a word of judgment in all of the OT that isn't followed in due time with a word of hope.

God has always, is always, and will always be about restoration - even when it seems as that there isn't a single person left on earth who desires to do his will.

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