January 12, 2010


I can't find it in Twitter, but a year or more ago there was a trend around writing your 140 character statement of faith; it was called "Twitter of Faith." Mine was something like, "God's throwing a party and you are invited, and the best is yet to come!"

Something like that anyway, twitter needs to find a way to search your own tweets.

Anyway, I based part of that #tof on the gospel text for Sunday, the Wedding at Cana, because i find there is a universal truth in the amazement of the chief steward. We expect things to get worse, but they always get better. God's plan may be slow and methodical, it may mean running out of wine from time to time, but it always arcs toward perfection. And every time we notice something better in the water jugs, we are amazed, and amazed is the perfect response.

Here's hoping that this week we find those places where God's pouring the good stuff, and that we are amazed.

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Neal Locke said...

Steve -- yep it was definitely on twitter (not just your imagination). Unfortunately, Twitter has started truncating their search function, so most of those beautifully brief statements of faith seem to be lost. Well, at least until Google and Bing figure out how to tap into the market :-)

There's also a facebook "Twitter of Faith" group that was started around the same time, and I think many of them have found there way into that medium.