February 1, 2010


If you made your living catching fish and found yourself one afternoon with a record catch, what do you think the odds are that you'd drop your nets to follow some itinerant preacher?

I know the scenario isn't quite fair since it was that preacher who got you to drop your nets in the first place, but let's imagine for just a minute. You've been fishing your whole life. Your father before you, and your grandfather before him; all fishermen. It is in your blood. It is all you know. And one day you give it all up to "catch people" (a good translation, but not a very punny) What do you think you'd do? Would you throw down a net full of fish, a livelihood, a life, to follow him?

Since five15 began in October, I've begun to read the Scripture with two hats; preacher and liturgical planner. I'm always looking for stations to use in the chapel. This week it seems obvious that our fishing net is full, the economy is slowly coming back, spring will soon arrive in Baldwin County, life is good; but Jesus continues to call us forward, he calls us again and again to drop our net full of goodness and trust in his abundance. Will you drop your net again today?

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