January 13, 2011

for what reason?

John the baptist says that he came, baptizing with water, for one very specific reason, "that [the lamb of God] might be revealed to Israel."

That has me thinking this morning. Isn't that the reason any Christian does anything?

Or, shouldn't it be?

In my vocation, it is easy to say, I do this so that Christ can be known. I'm a preacher, it is what I do. But contrary to popular opinion the task of revealing Jesus isn't reserved for clergy, missionaries, and the occasional baptist. Nope, we are all called to reveal Jesus by what we do. Lawyers, tax collectors, sanitation engineers, baristas, taco truck drivers, hospital volunteers, retail sales staffers, etc. You name your career and it makes the list of "people who should reveal Jesus in their work."

You don't have to do it by beating people up with the Bible. You don't have to do it by handing out tracts or insisting people come to your church or by acting needy or by scare tactics, or whatever. You do it, quite simply, by seeking and serving the Christ in the other. Reveal the Jesus in them, don't flaunt the Jesus in you.

Respectful, careful, intentional, relational work reveals Jesus to the world. Slow down, take your time, and glorify God in what you do each and everyday. You will most certainly be rewarded.


The Rev. C. Earl Mahan said...

"Reveal the Jesus in them, don't flaunt the Jesus in you."
That'll preach.

one preaching blogger to another... I invite you to follow my blog and I'll follow yours


spankey said...

Thank you Earl. I tried to hit up your blog but it said I needed an invite. sjpankey12_at_gmail_dot_com