April 5, 2011


TKT has an amazing quality about his voice. It is deep and gravely and good for preaching. He has a lot of Keithisms (but don't all of us preachers), but my favorite thing he says from the pulpit is Ruach. That great Hebrew word that means breath or spirit. It is onomtopoetic words that sounds like what it is describing.

Go ahead, say it out loud.


Nobody says it a well as TKT, but I'll be darned if it just doesn't feel good to say it.


This weekend our little ones, say up to grade 5, will have the chance to write Ruach in Hebrew. They'll be studying the Dry Bones story from Ezekiel as they ponder in a child-like way, how does God give us life?

The answer, as you might guess, is Ruach. Not only does he give us breath, but real life, abundant life, well that is the stuff of the Spirit. The stuff that makes us more than bones and sinews and flesh, the Spirit gives us real life.

As Elisha says, "I'll take a double portion, please."

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