May 18, 2011

A Holy Spirit Moment

Seems my blog post from Monday was part truth and part self-fulfilling prophecy. I do that sometimes; I get so stuck in the blank slate that is my head that I'm of no earthly good. Oh I pray, and I listen, and I read, and I reflect, but sometimes I'm so convinced I don't know what to say, that I can't possibly hear and understand.

I guess I'm like the disciples in that way.

Anyway, I had one of those ah-ha moments today, unfortunately, it hasn't helped with Sunday yet, but I share it with you anyway.

I didn't blog yesterday because of an internet issue. We've been having connectivity problems at the Parish Office for quite a while now. We narrowed down the problems to the router, so we bought a new one. It arrived over lunch yesterday, so I told TKT that I'd have it all up and running in "10 minutes." Three hours later, I was late getting home to watch FBC while SHW went to a meeting, and the office was without internet with notes and boxes and wires everywhere.

I was mad.

I wrote a sermon for the noon service at about 6:30am (Thank you God for letting FBC sleep until it was finished), which you can read in my next post, and headed to work ready to fix the internet problem, but wondering what it was all about - how does having the internet at the office help the Kingdom of God?

Thanks to a very helpful tech support person, we got everything up and running, and by about 11am, I was back on schedule: E-Pistle sent, Bulletin proofed, ready for the noon service. Just before it started, however, I received an email from a parishioner who because of infirmity is unable to make it to St. Paul's any more. She had just finished listening to my sermon from Sunday and was grateful to have seen the E-Pistle posted on facebook.

A Holy Spirit Moment.

I threw out the sermon for noon, and instead shared this 24 hour crisis of faith with the congregation in the light of Acts 2:42. We might not be able to break bread online, but we can offer people the Apostle's teaching, fellowship, and prayers.

Thank you, Lord God, for the internet, and the ways in which your Kingdom are revealed through it. Amen.

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