June 28, 2011

Welcome back?

Good morning, dear reader. My apologies for a week's absence, and many thanks to God for a week's vacation.  As mt last post said, rest was much needed.

I've entitled this post welcome back? because of the messy nature of this Sunday's lessons. The Genesis lesson, which though semi-contimuous, still begins in a very weird spot and expects the congregation to recall last week's lesson, Paul's famous "I do what I don't want to do" rant, and what might be Jesus' toughest kingdom parable, all on a short week. So good to be home.

I think I'll start this week by going back and rereading the section of Rob Bell's "Jesus wants to save Christians" about yokes. It is an interesting bit of metaphorical history as a Rabbi's yoke was his teaching. Some had very heavy yokes full of laws and their strict interpretations. Others, as Jesus claimed, had yokes that were lighter. Jesus' yoke is only two laws heavy, as we claim in the Collect for Sunday, love God and love neighbor.

Have a great week! I'll see you again tomorrow.

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