August 1, 2011

on being afraid

I follow the comedian, Jim Gaffigan, on Twitter. He's always good for a laugh and today was not different.

@JimGaffigan - Last night I explained to my 5 year old son that the dark is not nearly as scary as your wife bringing home a pregnancy test.

The fears that we carry often change over time. I remember FBC's pediatrician explaining to us that for a while, she would freak out every time we left the room because her brain had not yet learned to process the fact that we returned every time. She was afraid we deserted her, every single time.

I have not idea if there are studies to prove it, but the fact that more people are afraid of public speaking than death has been quoted so often, it has to be true.

In Sunday's Gospel lesson, the disciples are fear-mongers. Matthew doesn't name it, but I'm guessing they were anxious all night as the waves battered the boat and the strong wind pushed against them. They were terrified when they saw "a ghost" walking across the sea. So scared they cried out in fear! Cried out! When was the last time you did that? At a haunted house? The latest installment of Final Destination? When your wife brought home a pregnancy test? Peter is afraid of the wind and the waves as he tries to walk to Jesus. He is afraid when he sinks. And he's probably afraid when Jesus declares him "you of little faith."

Fear is an interesting thing. It is a strong motivator. It is a powerful adversary. It is on my go to list of reasons we all seek God. Twice! (Fear and Anxiety)

What are you afraid of? What is the Church afraid of? Fear... an interesting thing to ponder.

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