December 1, 2008

two videos for the day/season

Today is the 20th World AIDS Day. AIDS no longer effects my family directly because, quite frankly, everyone we knew with AIDS has since died. I guess that means, AIDS will forever effect my family. Take a moment (or 10 if you watch the video below) to remember how far we've come, pray for the progress that still must be made, and remember those millions upon millions whose lives are have been/are/will be affected by HIV/AIDS.

This second video is from the folk at Advent Conspiracy. It pretty well describes itself, but let me just say, that since the Great Depression, when my Maternal Grandfather got an orange and a pair of socks, Christmas has been a huge gift giving extravaganza. This is not a culture easily changed (within my own mind especially), but for the first time, this year, my spirit seems to be changing to resonate more with this group. There will still be gifts purchased, but the two weeks back-to-back with family, the time spent with some of our older members who might not see family, a spirit of generosity shared with the woman who checks us out, that will be (as far as I can help it) the most important part of this Christmas for me.

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