December 29, 2008

What to preach?

Which lesson will you preach on 2 Xmas?
The Psalm
Flight to Egypt
Jesus @ 12
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Too many good things to choose from this week. I'm not preaching, but my vote, as of this morning, would be the flight to Egypt. I'm not sure I've ever heard this preached. I think I referenced it once in a sermon back in Franklin, PA - something about how the trip would be like walking from Franklin to Cincinnati, OH and back.

I think it be a great opportunity to preach discernment of spirits; a gift I think we all have and one we could all stand to develop. Or, it'd be interesting to hear a sermon about the faith of Joseph, a character we hear very little about. We talked about him, thanks to Keith, at our last Men's Dinner, so I wonder if he might head that way. hmmm.

Anyway, lots of good stuff this week, and I'm wondering what you'll choose. If you are preaching something that didn't make the Episcopal re-write of the RCL, go ahead and leave a comment.

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