February 18, 2009

Relentless Pursuit

My brother-in-law is on a quest for knowledge.  At least he used to be, before he turned 21, know he's on a quest for beer labels.  Anyway, I though of him yesterday as I read the lessons for Sunday and was struck by Elisha's relentless pursuit of the holy.

I'm combining that thought with the story of the transfiguration.  Peter is not able to build the tents he wants, but he has know seen the glory of the Lord, and will, like Elisha, spare no expense in pursuit of seeing it again.

Where have we seen the glory of the Lord?  Or as my Rector asks, "When has God given us glimpses of the real world?"  At a Cursillo weekend?  An Alpha Course?  Bedside of a dying loved one?  At the altar?  In the midst of disaster?  In silence?  In noise?

The light of the world shines in many places, even and maybe most especially in the darkness.  Seeing that light is a blessing... and a curse, for having now known the glory of the Lord we can do nothing else but find it again.

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