February 11, 2009

Talk to Jesus and his people

I'm sorry I've been remiss about posting this week. I'm still recuperating from diocesan convention. Thankfully, my Rector made me take some extra time off on Monday. Helping out SHW who is now 7.5 months pregnant with her morning routine (mostly making lunch) has cut into my blogging time. Slowly, though, I'm adjusting, and will get back into a routine.

Still, today's post will be short, and it is thieved entirely from Dr. J. from my Tuesday morning lectionary group. His sermon title for this Sunday (why don't I title my sermons?) "Talk to Jesus."

Leprosy was (is) embarrassing, but the man in this story was willing to risk it all by stepping out and talking to Jesus. We have parts of our lives that are embarrassing. Am I willing to step out and talk to Jesus?

As the Body of Christ left on earth, the Church should approach these embarrassing parts of our lives with the same love and compassion. Is the Church willing to risk dealing with the ugly and scary stuff we all have? Do we trust the Church to handle these things with the same love and compassion Jesus offers the man with leprosy?

Tough stuff this week, but I think it is a call to be vulnerable (both sides) and talk to Jesus and his people about the stuff we think is embarrassing.

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