May 13, 2009

wreakless abandon

My rector admitted to me a week or so ago (with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek) that a sermon I preached left him feeling a little uneasy.  Apparently, using the phrase "wreakless abandon" three times in a sermon is cause for concern when it comes to the health, stability, and viability of a parish (and most especially its clergy).

On some level, his joking is spot on.  Loving with wreakless abandon is dangerous stuff; just ask Jesus how it worked out for him.  And yet, it seems to be the call for those of us who have taken on the task of following him and fulfilling his work - we must reach out with wreakless abandon to any and all.

I think Peter sums up well the call of those who claim discipleship under Jesus of Nazareth, "Can anyone without the water for baptizing these people who have recieved the Holy Spirit just as we have?"  It might go against everything you believe politically, socially, theologically.  It might mean changing your mind about social programs, justice, and peace.  It might mean being the only republican in a room full of democrats (or vice verse), but the call to love with wreakless abandon can not be thwarted.

It is dangerous stuff, this wreakless abandon of God, but it seems to be the only way we've got to live.

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