August 10, 2009

Good to be Back...

Even better to not be preaching.

SHW, FBC and I spent 8 days visiting friends and family in and around the Philthadelphia and Washington DC metro areas. It was a great trip - busy, but great. We returned to town, exhausted, on Friday and began to attack laundry, the house, and a sermon. As far as i can tell, all three ended up done well.

Today marks my first day back in the office and I already know there is a pile of mail (E and snail) for me to look through. There is planning to be done. There are conversations that need to happen. And, having read the lessons for Sunday, thanks be to God, there is not a sermon to preach this week.

Writing a sermon to preach on the heels of vacation is tough, but writing a sermon on the lessons for this Sunday has got to be harder. And so this week, I pray for wisdom and a double portion of the Spirit for my Rector. I know the end result will be great, as ususal, but this week, I most certainly don't envy the task.

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