August 18, 2009

To Believe

I have a friend whose former rector "did not believe in the Easter Vigil" in the same way he "did not believe in ghosts." My friends response in telling that story was, "Believe it. I have seen it on page 285 in the Book of Common Prayer."

St. Mark's Capitol Hill invites their parishoners to say only the pieces of the Nicene Creed they "believe" that is to say, the parts to which they can give intellecutal assent.

The word "believe" has many uses - but the believe that Jesus call us to, the believe that Peter claims the disciples have has nothing to do with believing in the Easter Vigil or having the ability to check off a list of statements about Jesus. The belief that we are called to is trust.

Trust that Jesus is who he says he is.

Trust that when you give him your life, he will use it to his honor and glory.

Trust that the armor of God is sufficient even unto death.

Trust that, as hard as it might be to understand, eating the flesh and blood of Jesus means eternal life.

There is no real relationship between me and Jesus without me trusting him on all these points (and more). There is no real relationship unless I "believe in" him; not like I "believe" in Casper the friendly Ghost; not like I "believe" in the virgin birth; not even like I "believe" that the Steelers will win their seventh Super Bowl this year. No this belief is all encompassing - my whole trust placed in his hands.

Yes Lord, I believe.

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