October 20, 2009

Take heart, get up, He is calling you

Have you ever heard (or said) the following words,

"I don't want God to call me because I know he'll make me do..."

That thought never went through the mind of Blind Bartimaeus. He didn't care what Jesus was going to ask of him, he just wanted to be made whole. Missionary to outer Mongolia? OK. Sell everything, give it to the poor? Sure thing. Be nice to your neighbor who won't cut his yard? Got it.

Bartimaeus was in a place most of us are not. He was at the end of his rope. He was poor in spirit. His only hope was in Jesus. And so, with wreckless abandon he cried out, "have mercy on me!"

Our comfort often keeps us from loving what God commands. Our self-reliance keeps us from "taking heart" when God calls. But the lesson we learn from Bartimaeus is that God calls only when we are willing. If you are crying out to God with a heart that longs to be made whole - he will respond. If you are crying out to God while secretly wishing he won't answer - he probably won't.

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