November 17, 2009

Psalm 109.8 and the King of kings

The part of my job that I like the least is the fact that I have to stay current with the news. All of it. I end up having to listen to a whole lot of talking heads in order to get my "news" and that makes my head hurt. And so, yesterday I began to hear rumblings of the Psalm 109.8 Obama bumper sticker flap. Apparently, some marketing whiz printed up some bumper stickers that say

Pray for Obama
Psalm 109.8

And Psalm 109.8 says, "May his days be few, may another take his place of leadership"

Kinda funny if you ask me. Misses the entire point of Psalm 109 and is one verse away from landing somebody in jail for threats against the President, but still kind of clever, even if I don't agree with it.

Anyway, the theological point of this whole flap is very timely. This Sunday the Church celebrates Christ the King. We pledge our allegiance to someone whose tenure is defined by the whim of the American public and the success or failure of his cleverly cloaked partisan politics. (BTW if Obama ever suggests a flat tax and the Republicans balk, my head will explode). We may be Americans, subject to all rights and privileges and laws thereof, but our kingdom is not of this world. Our rule of law is higher yet. Our leader is one who knows no nation, race, or probably even creed.

Jesus, the crucified one, is our King, and that means that we have been set free from sin in order to do good works. Unfortunately, most of us liked our sin (if only we were back in Egypt) and we spend most of our life fighting with it rather than doing the work of the Gospel. But still, no matter who is in office or for how long (Psalm 109.8) our King reigns for ever.


Sam said...

good stuff steve. Amen. May we live more of the reality of The kingdom

Jr. said...

May we all live under the dorsal fin of Boto, The Pink Dolphin God of the Upper Peruvian Amazon, Thor, Zeus or whatever little happy superstition we subscribe to.

Kingdom, Schmingdom!

Jerry said...

109.8 T-shirts are kind of clever? I'm so grateful you disagree. When you are "enraptured" it is of little notice that the "marketing flap" just happened to coincide with a TV and radio campaign by conservative talk show hosts
that our first mixed race president
was, um, different. Rapid socialist and probably a closet Muslim who will take our guns,tax us to death, and might be an alien, not from another planet, but from something worse, Kenya*. The "birthers" are one of the milder forms of political psychosis that is typical of republican PR...which stands for Politics + Religion. *It matters little that the ebb and flow of daily affairs are but ripples in the pond of the Lords creation.* and bla bla bla! *Ah, let them
drop the bomb and make the world clean for the lord* Amen! HA!!!