November 11, 2009

That Pesky Religion

Debra Dean Murphy over at the ekklesia project writes what so many of us are thinking:

"This week we are admonished to 'provoke one another to love and good deeds, not neglecting to meet together.' That’s the inconvenient thing about religion: it asks you to do stuff – like worship with other people, love other people, do good to and for other people."

I mean really. The demands of Christianity are just so freaking hard. [sarcasm noted]

Often the Christian faith is made to be difficult with the addition of all sorts of unnecessary and clearly power playing rules; don't dance, don't eat meat on Friday, don't drink, don't play Yahtzee on days beginning with "T", don't consort with non-Christians, don't whatever. But honestly it isn't all that hard. The author of Hebrews clearly thought that Jesus was a-comin' soon, and yet, he doesn't use that to his powerful advantage. Instead, he continues to encourage people to love God and love neighbor by provoking each other to good works and by getting together.

It may be pesky, but it sure ain't hard.

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cj said...

Any of our Greek scholar friends out there: In Mark how does "the end is still to come" look in the Greek?

Thanks, cj