March 4, 2010

what does repentance look like?

Jesus and I have a similar problem. We both assume our congregation knows a lot. I've been asked, in the past, to be a little more specific when it comes to the practical application of my preaching, and I would respectfully have to ask the same of Jesus.

Jesus, what does repentance look like?

I what it means: a total rearranging of life. But how on earth do I do that? How do I, to use Paul's term, renew my mind when its first order operation is sarcasm? How do I live into the kingdom when the world I live in is run by the consumerist machine? How do I produce fruit when it seems clear to me that a try doesn't think about producing fruit, it just happens based on the right conditions? Whose responsibility is it to ensure the right conditions?

What does repentance look like?

This is the key, I think, to unlocking the gospel text for Sunday, and Jesus leaves it unsaid. Sure, we've got context clues and other teachings and all that jazz, but honestly, I'd really like a 12 step road map toward repentance. Anybody out there have one i could borrow?

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