October 21, 2010

make us love what you command

I think I threatened this three years ago, but this would be a great week to preach on the Collect. That line about making us love what God commands is a doozy. A real, are you sure you really want to pray this kind of weekend.

Think about it. If God were to make us love what he commands then your life might look a whole lot different. How many of us are constantly running away from the dream that God has for our lives? Are you actively ignoring a call to seminary? An mission trip? An outreach ministry? A better way to spend you money? A person you are called to love? Church on Sunday morning (or Saturday night)?

I used to think that I didn't want to become "too Christian" for fear that God would send me to Botswana as a missionary. But then some wise people helped me realize that if God wanted me in Botswana he'd make me love it, he'd change my heart, and I'd be there all too gladly.

If we really want to follow God's will in our lives, all we really need to do is find out where he has turned our hearts, to seek out our place of love because, he has already answered the prayer and made us love what he commands.

What is he commanding of you? Where is your heart leading?

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