October 12, 2010

proclaim the message

It could be argued that the letters to Timothy aren't worth the average layperson's time. I get that. They were written by an imprisoned Paul, leader, evangelist, apostle, to Timothy, a young, up-and-coming leader in the early Church. And so, many will say, "I'm not a leader, so these letters don't apply to my life."

That is bologna (a theme this week, it seems)! While it is true that many of us are called to be the gears that make the Church work (or even the grease that keeps it running smoothly) each of us has a role to play. Each of us has gifts for ministry that fill the gaps left by the rest of the membership. Where would the average parish be without a person who makes that dessert, a person who buys the napkins, a person who underwrites the cost of routine maintenance by doing it themselves, a person who organizes fund drives, food drives, parish outings, celebrations, etc.

They would be boring places with broken toilets and bad food.

No matter the activity that one performs in the life of the Church, each task is done (hopefully) with the same goal in mind; the goal that Paul solemnly urges Timothy to seek, "proclaim the message." All the events, all the food, all the background stuff, all the eating; it is all headed toward the only goal that matters at all - proclaiming the good news of God in Christ.

If we aren't doing that, well then what makes us different then the UDC, Lions Club, or anything else?

Today, I'm pondering the call to proclaim the message.

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