March 3, 2009


So much of the kingdom life comes down to choices.  So much so, that if pressed to answer when I was "saved" I'd say that I was "saved" 2000 years ago in the incarnation and resurrection, but most recenlty I was "saved" this morning when I chose to live for the kingdom instead of myself.  This Sunday's lessons reminded me of the importance of choices.

In the collect we ask God to bring us to the choice of embracing his way.

Abraham is asked to choose between the old way of Abram and the new way of God.

The Psalmist declares, "my soul shall live for him..."

Paul gives Abraham credit for choosing to be the father of many nations; which is, in Paul's eyes what made Abraham righteous.

Jesus calls his disciples throughout the generations to choose to walk behind him as followers not pushing him like a shopping cart down the candy aisle.

The choices we make are important.  Having been "saved" once-for-all by the life, death, and resurrection of God; I am left to choose that path of righteousness or play my luck on any other path.  Today, and thanks be to God for it, I chose his path.  Here's "hoping against hope" I make the same choice tomorrow.

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