March 18, 2009

I love Facebook

The new, new Facebook is really awful, but without it, discussion threads like this might never happen.

Thanks to all my friends who have been so very helpful in pulling together my thoughts for Sunday.

Steve Pankey hopes E-Fel can help me understand Numbers 21.4-9

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 Elizabeth Marshall Felicetti at 7:05am March 17
ooo--am I E-Fel?
 Steve Pankey at 7:40am March 17
yes you are!
 David Kendrick at 7:49am March 17
Help us, o help us all, E-Fel!
 Betty Glover at 8:04am March 17
yes, do tell!!!
 Elizabeth Marshall Felicetti at 8:27am March 17
Oh man. That's a weird one. I have our contemporary service this week which means a kids' sermon as well. Perhaps I do some snakehandling?

I am in love with my new nickname!
 Elizabeth Marshall Felicetti at 8:37am March 17
Hey, do you guys have the Olson Numbers commentary? Claims the Israelites only confessed in Numbers once before, in the spy story in 13-14. But then they revealed the shallowness of their confession because they set out to attack the Canaanites despite Moses' warning, thinking they could fulfill the promises on their own. So Olson thinks this background of Israel's earlier confession in Numbers helps explain why God doesn't get rid of the serpents immediately...

Anyway, that has Lenten possibilities, with confession?

But I am not going to be able to delve into it until at least Thursday! Still, this has potential, right? So don't wimp out and go with John!! Although you can tie it in since Jesus refers to the bronze serpent, and here's what Olsen says about that: "Thus, the cross in John's Gospel, like the pole with the bronze serpent, signifies both the posion of death as well as the life-giving power of God for all those who believe and look to God for healing and new life"
 David Kendrick at 8:39am March 17
Would you prefer E-Fel to QE1? ;-)
 Elizabeth Marshall Felicetti at 8:40am March 17
David,you may alternate.
 Elizabeth Marshall Felicetti at 8:56am March 17
Also, pn Textweek, there's a link to a 1994 Christian Century article (via ATLA which we all get as VTS alums) that I think has preaching possibilites!!
 Steve Pankey at 2:36pm March 17
ok E-Fel, master of all things, how do i get into ATLA?
 Elizabeth Marshall Felicetti at 3:49pm March 17
As a VTS alum, the log in is ATL0996A, and the password is alumni.
 Elizabeth Rees at 7:17pm March 17
I've been working on the John/Numbers interlinking there and am having trouble because later in Numbers the bronze snake is used as an idol so Moses destroys it. (Right, E-Fel?) So what does that do with John's comparison? We've turned the cross into an idol?? More like we've de-scandalized it, made it too palatable - covered it with roses as Moltmann would say.
 Steve Pankey at 8:12pm March 17
i think you are right in pointing out the part later on in Numbers, thanks for that. In my view, some have made the cross an idol, others the altar, the rails, the vestments, the clergy, even the Bible. All the stuff we use to worship God can easily become a god, the trick is stopping short, looking at the serpent, being healed, and thanking God for the healing.
 Steve Pankey at 9:09am March 18
just to be clear - King Hezekiah destroys it in 2 Kings 18.4 because it had become an object of worship - but it is directly stated that it was the bronze serpent which Moses made

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