June 16, 2009

Don't You Care?

You know that scene from Bruce Alimghty where Jim Carey's character, Bruce, already filling the role of God sits down in front of his computer to begin the work of sorting prayers. His inbox fills with millions of prayers within minutes. I wonder how many of those prayers began, "God, don't you care..."

God must hear those words hundreds if not thousands if not millions of times a day. "Don't you care?" Our lives are full of moments when it feels like God has left, like God doesn't care, and yet, as the gospel lesson for Sunday reminds us, he does care, even when it doesn't seem like it. Even when he's asleep below deck in the midst of a terrible storm; he cares.

The lesson I think that we can learn is the boldness with which the disciples approach Jesus. When it feels like God doesn't care, call him out, he will answer. Get angry with God, it is OK, he can take it. Get bold, it is OK, he understands. Things aren't necessarily the way he'd have them be, but he cares and he's there to answer, support, and give comfort. All you've got to do is stand up and say, "Don't you care?"

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