June 8, 2009

Even the LORD makes mistakes

I'm guessing that at some point in history, the worst thing you could say about someone had to be, "The LORD is sorry that He created you."  I imagine that might sting a bit, especially in strongly Judeo-Christian cultures.

In the lesson from 1 Samuel that we have for Sunday, the author tells us that the LORD was sorry he made Saul king over Israel.  Truth be told, God didn't want Israel to have a king at all, he predicted the corruption and destruction that followed, but God has a weak spot for the people of Isreal and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't say "no" to their desire to have a king.

I wonder what else God is "sorry about"?  Is he sorry he gave us free will?  Is he sorry he created the Church?  Is he sorry that he allowed techology to move forward so that VH1 is now able to air Daisy of Love reruns everyday of the week?

We don't give much thought to the mistakes God makes.  We don't care to ponder all the things that God must be "sorry about," but I imagine the list is extensive.  And still, as the Canticle for Trinity Sunday said, "He is worthy of praise" because even in the midst of that which he is "sorry about" God is constantly working out his purposes for good.

Saul turned out just like God had imagined, but David was going to be the next king, and even in the midst of his failings, David would begin the restoration of Israel and of the whole Creation.

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