May 11, 2010


When Paul and Silas are brought before the magistrates in Philippi, they are accused of something so simple, yet so very dangerous. "These men are disturbing our city..."

When was the last time you or your church were accused of disturbing anything? Maybe you aren't casting demons out of annoying little girls, and that's fine, but what are you doing that is disturbing people for Jesus? Are you challenging the education system to be available to all? Are you disturbing the status quo in regards to regressive local tax laws? Are you standing up for the outcast and forgotten in your fair town?

In all reality, your disturbance doesn't have to be on such a grand scale. Do you stand up for what's right at work? Do you care for your neighbor who is in need? Do you take the time to listen when another needs to share?

Being a Christian is not about being saved once and for all eternity. It is about a life changed, an attention shifted, and a disturbance created. May we all take after Paul and Silas and become disciples who disturb.

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