July 28, 2011

John R. W. Stott 1921-2011

In recent years, as evangelical has become more of a pejorative in Western Christianity, to call him the father of modern evangelicalism is to do a disservice to this great man.  He was a missiologist before missiology became the "in" thing and theological schools offered D.Min programs in it.  His books line my shelves and as editor of "The Bible Speaks Today" commentary series, he has impacted congregations, including St. Paul's Foley, around the globe.

My rector sent this to me yesterday upon hearing of Stott's death,

"One of the most searching tests to apply to any religion concerns its attitude to death. And measured by this test much so-called Christianity is found wanting in its black clothes, its mournful chants and its requiem masses. Of course dying can be very unpleasant, and bereavement can bring bitter sorrow. But death itself has been overthrown, and ‘blessed are the dead who die in the Lord’ (Rev. 14:13). The proper epitaph to write for a Christian believer is not a dismal and uncertain petition, ‘R.I.P.’ (requiescat in pace, ‘may he rest in peace’), but a joyful and certain affirmation ‘C.A.D.’ (‘Christ abolished death’)." - John Stott

—From “The Message of 2 Timothy” (The Bible Speaks Today series: London and Downers Grove: IVP, 1973), p. 39.

Follow this link to read my seminary paper on the missiology of John Stott. (Warning - it is 14 pages long and not that great).

CAD John Stott

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