July 12, 2011

The Wisdom of Solomon

If you are running with RCL Track 2 this summer, you'd better pull out your Roman Catholic Bibles this week because it is time again for "Readings from the Apocrypha!" Remember to tell your lectors not to end the lesson with "The Word of the Lord" lest lightning should strike your lectern/ambo (sarcasm font here). Also, be prepared for questions about why the lesson isn't in "my bible." Someone will ask. Mark my words.

I'm struck this morning by one line from chapter 12 of the Wisdom of Solomon. It reads, "You show your strength when people doubt the completeness of your power." And it is such a good reminder to those of us in leadership positions.

How often do we get to a point where we, effectively by our actions, tell God, "Thank you very much, I'll take it from here." Often, right?

And how often does that work out? Never, right?

God shows his strength when we doubt the completeness of his power and trust in our own instead. He gives us the opportunity to walk away from him, knowing full well that without him, our plans are fruitless. "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain" (Ps 127.1)

I've seen it happen at all levels of the Church, and, without fail, the program sputters and flops because God was not invited to the party. As we plan for the fall here at St. Paul's it is a helpful reminder to call upon the Spirit for wisdom and discernment. Otherwise, God might just who us the completeness of his power.

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