January 21, 2009

answer readily the call

In some interview at some time near the election, someone asked Barack Obama if he had reconsidered his run for the presidency as the nation had changed drastically during the "campaign that would never end."  His answer, to paraphrase, was "no."

Herm Edwards, tentitavely the coach of the Kansa City Chiefs, is famous for noting that even in the worst of times, "there is something we can build on."  Even when his team is falling apart at the seems, he is not willing to walk away.

How much moreso are we called to stick to it, when we are called to a task by the Lord himself.

Jonah, not the example of "answering readily", halfheartedly told the people of Nineveh that they were about to be exterminated, and they "answered readily" and turned to the Lord God of Israel.

The Psalmist waits upon the Lord, ready at a moments notice to "answer readily" the call, whatever it may be.

Paul, writing to the Church in Corinth, calls upon them to give up the trappings of earthly living so that they are fully prepared to "answer readily" to the call to resurrection at the return of Jesus.

Simon, Andrew, James, and John though gainfully employed drop everything to "answer readily" the call from Jesus to follow him.

Am I ready to be called?  Having been called am I willing to stick to it even when things seem disasterous?  Is there really a choice in the matter?


Leon said...

Your mention of a lot of water running through our diocese brings this to mind~~~why don't we have a site somewere at which we might worship in full view of the sunsets in our area that are so beautiful? I recall worship services along the water in a small chapel where we could see and hear all of the hell ongoing on the mainland. This was on CamRhan Bay in South Viet Nam; our priest was an Anglican from Australia. Now I'm ot trying to compare beautiful sunsets with the violence of war, but just to stress the power of scenes with faith......Leon Johnston, (St. Paul's, Daphne), latersplace@bellsouth.net

spankey said...

Hi Leon - Thanks for reading. I agree that we could do much much more to celebrate the beauty with which God has blessed us in our part of Creation. Beckwith is a great place to sneak away to when one needs to meet the God of Creation. Our 2021 community tries to celebrate that Creation too; meeting on the water (or near it) when the weather allows. Y'all up in Daphne could have similar opportunities on the bluffs or the causeway (5 rivers) etc. Thanks again for reading!