January 20, 2009


A retired priest in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast once told me, and I guess I believe him, that this diocese has more water running through it than any other diocese in the US. That may, or may not be fact, but what is certainly true is the fact that there is a LOT of water in this area. The Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay, Perdido Bay, Pensacola Bay, Escambia Bay, Fish River, Magnolia River, Alabama River, Soldier Creek, Palmetto Creek, the drainage ditch just off the back of my property - there is a LOT of water. Because there is a LOT of water, there is even more fishing. In my year and a half in Foley I've learned just a little bit about fishing, but one thing I am sure of - fishing requires patience and a lot of lures.

I get that when Jesus calls Simon and Andrew to be "fishers of people" they were fishing with a net, but bear with me. When Jesus calls us to be "fishers of people" we must be aware that it will require patience and a lot of lures. As Paul says, "I became all things to all people so that by all means I might save some." The Kingdom of God should be draw enough, but humanity, having fallen so far, often finds it difficult to choose anything other that its own self-preservation. So be prepared with all sorts of lures - justice, peace, freedom, forgiveness, cheesy worship music, liturgy, love, grace, compassion, historical Jesus... to a liberal become as a liberal, to a conservative become as a conservative, to the weak become weak... just be patient and allow God the the opportunity to work through you and through the other.

For a lot of people fishing is too time consuming and without reward. But, fishin' can be a lot of fun. If you go into it understanding that you'll have to throw all you've got into the water, and even then you might not get a bite (I've seen it) then you will not be disappointed. Just enjoy the chance to fish.


Kyle said...

Strong work Spankey, I like your use of the metaphor.

spankey said...

thanks kyle!