January 6, 2009

even Jesus gets grace

Mark's gospel is light on details, and, if I remember my New Testament correctly, that means that when Mark offers a detail we should pay attention to it. So this morning I'm noticing that God pronounces his pleasure in Jesus before his ministry has begun. I mean, we're only 11 verses into Mark and God is already happy with what Jesus is up to, "with you I am well pleased" (emphasis mine). Note that it doesn't say, "you're fixin' to accomplish some great things" or "someday I'm going to be really happy I sent you to earth" but right here, as you emerge from the water of the baptism of John (for the forgiveness of sins (that you don't need)) I am well pleased.

Even Jesus gets grace from the Father. He is offered blessings before withstanding the temptations. He is loved on before three years of proclaiming the Good News. He is God's great pleasure before he willingly offers himself unto death. Grace, even for God the Son.

I don't really know the deep theological ramifications of this, and most likely I won't take the time to figure them out, but today I'm thankful that God's grace is offered so widely that even the only one who didn't need it, still received it.

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