April 28, 2009

Too Well Known

The longer I work in the Church the more I realize that there are sacred cows everywhere.  One, which I happen to like, is the reading of Psalm 23 in the King's English at funerals, burials, and memorial services.  It seems a peculiar tradition, though it is a beautiful Psalm, I hope Dr. Prichard reads this and can tell me the history behind it.

What gets lost, however, in the rote recitation of Psalm 23 (KJV) is what a great promise it is to those who are living in the Lord.  It is kind of the second half of yesterday's post; if you listen, know, and follow, here's what the Lord offers you.

He offers rest in green pastures
He leads beside still waters
He revives souls
He guides along the right path (if we listen, know and follow)
He offers a great banquet even in the midst of trouble
He anoints with oil
He fills to overflowing
His goodness and mercy are everlasting

It takes reading Psalm 23 outside of its normal context for me to remember the great promises contained therein.  It is almost too well known for me to remember any other way.  When I hear it in the King's English, all I can hear is "ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."  But today I hear a word for the living; life in the Lord is good, enjoy it.

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