September 21, 2009

everyone will be salted with fire


Umm... Jesus... I think... well... maybe you've got that wrong. I mean, I know you will taste a bitter and tortuous death and descend into hell for three days, but well, you do that so I don't have to right?

I've read this verse many many times, and ever noticed that Jesus says that "everyone will be salted with fire." And what does that mean anyway, to be salted with fire? Eugene Peterson (there you go Peter A.) translates it "everyone will go through the refiner's fire." I guess I get that. Either the impurity goes away now or it goes away later, but if you want into the Kingdom, its gotta go away.

So then, Jesus is telling his disciples (and us) that perhaps we should choose sanctification now over fire later. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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