September 14, 2009

a good sunday for a clergy conference

In my tradition, Episcopal, it is said that the Bishop is the pastor to the clergy of a diocese. As my boss says, "he's got the most dysfuncitonal congregation of any of us." Additionally unfortunate for the Bishop is that he only gets to see us as a group three or four times a year, and even then, rarely does he have the opportunity to preach to us, his gathered congregation.

In reading the lessons for this Sunday, it seems like a good week to let our parishioners have Sunday off, while the clergy gather together at the cathedral to listen to the bishop.

We all, I guess, need to be reminded against vainglory, envy, selfish ambition, and hypocrisy. It just feels like the last few weeks have been beat up on the membership weeks - and I want to cheerlead every once in a while. I guess the letter of James will have that effect, and I guess coming near the end of ordinary time will have that effect. But still. As I said two weeks ago in my sermon, the clergy are proof beyond a doubt that the devil works through pride for the downfall of the Church, and maybe, just maybe, this Sunday the bishop needs to tell us so.

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