September 29, 2009

Mark's chronology

There are times that, for the disciples' sake, I hope that Mark's ordering of events is wrong. I mean seriously guys - are you that hard headed?

Mark 9 - The Transfiguration, The failed healing of the boy with an evil spirit, the arguing over who is the greatest, trying to stop the competition, and the cut it off narrative.

Mark 10 - Jesus teaches about divorce, then the disciples yell at people for bringing their children to Jesus, the rich young man, a 3rd prediction of death, and then James and John vying for top spot.

C'mon Mark, tell us you are wrong. Tell us that the disciples aren't that daft.

Or maybe it is better if they are. My faith journey often looks like the highs and lows of Mark 9 and 10. I get it for a minute, then I realize that "I" got it, forget about God and start vying for top spot again. Maybe there is a lot of hope in the stupidity of the disciples. There is for me anyway.

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