September 17, 2009

a preaching schtick

In seminary, there were, on a few occasions, people who decided that their one and only chance to preach in the seminary chapel should be accompanied by some sort of schtick or gimmick. I guess some of them worked. Sorta. I remember one guy who walked up the aisle with a walking stick, but I have no idea what he preached on. I remember a woman who told us nothing would be more profound than the silence, and then proceeded to stand there staring at us for what seemed like forever. I don't much care to remember what she was preaching on.

As a lectionary people, it isn't often that we get to run a theme through more than a couple of weeks. We don't get to do the 10 week sermon series that our Baptist brethern get to do. Excepting perhaps the next 6 sundays. This week we begin our journey "on the way" and along the way we will fill our bags with various discipleship tools; hospitality, service, relationships, right use of wealth, service (again), and faith.

Maybe I'll start a gimmick and see if Keith will carry it through. Discipleship carry-on anyone?

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Ben Rockwell said...

The first sermon, I think, was a statement against the war in Iraq. I don't remember all of the details, but I do remember a conversation or twelve springing out from it! The second one you're talking about, though, I don't remember that one.