June 23, 2010

the Church's one foundation

... is Jesus Christ her Lord.

St. Paul's will sing this classic hymn as we begin our worship on Sunday. It reminds us of our unity, our strength, our hope not in church or in trappings or in vestments or in programs, but in Jesus Christ, our chief cornerstone.

It reminds us that following Jesus might mean tough times, it might mean mistakes are made, it might mean the tumult of war, but because we are in communion with God, the three in one, we will one day be victorious.

As we hear lessons of chariots of fire, sinfulness, and Jesus calling for the Kingdom to be priority #1 it is worth remembering that we worship the God of provision who has promised us the Kingdom. Now to keep our eyes on the one who saved us, leads us, and sustains us, Jesus the King of kings.

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