June 22, 2010

a double portion

The great story of Elijah's chariot ride to the heavens has me thinking about leave taking. I'm not planning on going anywhere, just so you know, but as my Rector prepares for his sabbatical to begin, I'm feeling a lot like Elisha.

I'm excited for TKT. I'm glad he is finally taking the time he is due. I'm thankful for a parish that both gives him the space and gives me the help so that the Rector can be gone for three months.

And as the days count down to his departure, and as I think of all sorts of last minute questions to ask, I'm also thinking it'd be super if he could leave me a double portion of his spirit too.

What a request. Elisha knows that Elijah is God's great prophet. He knows how he had orchestrated the overthrow of Ahab and Jezebel. He knows about the crazy altar fire scene, the wind, earthquake, fire, and silence on Sinai. Elisha knows all that Elijah has done and in whose power and name he has done it, and Elisha knows that he will need twice as much help to follow in his footsteps.

I'm feeling the same way. Give me a double portion, o God, that I might serve you and the people of St. Paul's ably and faithfully. You can have it back when TKT returns, I just need it for a little while. Amen.

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