June 15, 2010

sheer silence

It seems as though the ipad is the end of civilization as we know it.

Like with the advent of the personal computer, the internet, and social networking, the ipad spells the end of human interaction. Which, from my view as an introvert, isn't really a bad thing.

But what I'm hearing more and more, and reading in this nyt piece as well as Father James Martin's Huffpo blog post is that technology is also changing the way we relate to the world and increasingly our relationship with God.

Elijah found God not in the mighty wind or the earthquake or a fire. Elijah found God in the sheer silence (more literally a tiny feminine whisper).

There is no silence in our lives anymore. There is barely any whispering. This KFC commercial is indicative of our current life.

For me personally, though, the sheer silence doesn't always work. My mind is always racing and so my focus comes by action - prayer beads, reading, etc. Still I rarely find God in the midst of my cell phone buzzing, car horns blowing, and life moving rapidly by.

Where do you find the space to hear the still small voice?

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Chris said...

I love my iPad ;)