August 23, 2010

a place of humility

We'll get to Jesus' strange motivation tactics later this week, but his morning I want to focus on what it means, generally, to be in a place of humility. I plan on doing this, ironically enough, by telling you how good I am at it.

That's not entirely true, mostly I'm telling you how good God is (with the help of my wife) at keeping me humble because it is the curse of most every clergy person that they should begin to believe the hype. "Great sermon." "Good service." "You are the greatest priest on the face of the earth." (I've not heard the latter, but I'm guessing some of you have.)

I spent most of Saturday on my place of humility, my Dad's 17' Sea Pro Center Console. I enjoy the water. I love take folks tubing. I really like the whole lifestyle of having a boat, but there is no place that I feel dumber and more humbled than in and around that boat. Backing the trailer to the launch, getting it in the water cleanly, getting it started, tying up at dock, getting it out of the water cleanly having again backed the trailer up. It is all new and foreign to me, and a great way to remember what Jesus means by "sit at the lowest place."

My other place of humility, and probably more along the lines of what Jesus had in mind, is when I begin to think about how amazing it is that Cassie and I ended up here in Foley, Alabama. It is all god. There is no logical reason that we are here, and that is truly awe inspiring and humbling. That God would choose to use a guy like me to do anything, let alone minister with a great mentor to a community of believers open to God's great dream is beyond comprehension. When we first started talking about coming down here, it kind of felt like the lowest seat (certainly geographically and by elevation) but it most certainly has become the place of honor.

So, dear reader, do you have a place of humility? If so, where is it?

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