September 20, 2010

social justice

Though I disagree with him almost completely, I am grateful to Glen Beck for bringing social justice back into mainstream conversation. It has, I think, gone away as the Church has struggled with what makes their outreach ministries any different than the work done by any number of secular aid organizations.

It is a valid question, and one that has hit the Church at its core. How do we articulate our faith in the Triune God in an authentic way while living into the call to charity?

The 1 Timothy and Luke lessons this week are a chance to answer that question because you can't get out of Sunday with out discussing the sin of the rich man and Paul's admonishment to the rich.

In a rare sort of coincidence (rare because I rarely read full books) I am finishing up "Same kind of different as me" this week, a story that lives out this issue fully. It is gonna be an interesting week. I can just feel it.

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