September 16, 2010

what if it isn't about money

As I read and study for my sermon on the very difficult Shrewd Manager text, I'm realizing that everybody and their brother is taking this thing literally. Not that the story Jesus tells really happened, but that somehow he was talking about stewardship. Which makes interpretation really hard because we don't want Jesus to tell us it is OK to commit fraud.

But what if it isn't about money.

Parables are stories that tell a bigger truth.

What if our call is not to be crafty in our use of money, but crafty in our sharing of the Gospel? Crafty in the ways in which we meet people?

Pub theology anyone? Authentic relationship building? Coffee shop contact work?

What if the call is to use ALL of the resources available to us to spread the Good News of God in Christ? Honestly it seems like the only logical conclusion. Sometimes it really isn't about money.

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