April 2, 2010

Alone - Good Friday

Have you ever asked God for something and never heard a response? Have you every lifted your voice to God in prayer only to have it feel like it hit the ceiling and bounced back to you? Have you ever felt like God was far, far away?

I have. It sucks. It is a very lonely feeling.

I am both an introvert and kind of nerdy, so there were times in high school when it felt like the only one I had was God, and when even He was unavailable, when it was just me, floating in the universe, the feeling was very, very lonely.

This is, I think, the feeling Jesus had in the Garden. I think he felt more alone there then even on the cross. I think the wee hours of Thursday and into very early Friday morning was Jesus' return to the wilderness; the devil's ultimate opportune time.

As we prepare for the death of God, we must prepare for some very lonely times. From noon Friday until early Sunday morning the disciples were completely lost, completely alone, even in the midst of the group.

So too should we, if we are really walking the way of his suffering this week, feel the loneliness of Good Friday. Own it. Know the sadness. Sit in the pain. Its Friday, and though we know Sunday's comin', it ain't here yet.

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