April 19, 2010

on being a shepherd

It is 7:33am on a Monday morning and I am sitting in my living room with FBD watching Baby Einstein. Seriously, who would have thunk it.

I tell you this because this morning I'm realizing how weak my image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is. When we assume that sheep are stupid and need to constantly be led we weaken both our theology of God and of humanity.

In many ways, the relationship I have with my daughter is one of shepherd and sheep. In order for her to learn the ways of this world she needs people who will help keep her within the boundaries but within that space allow her to roam. She needs to learn lessons both about boundaries and about choosing the best of several good options.

That is, essentially, the relationship Jesus, the Good Shepherd, has with us, his sheep. His teaching helps us find the boundaries. His freedom allows us to make mistakes and learn the best of the many good options God has for us.

Don't be a stupid lamb. Learn from the shepherd. Grow in your freedom to roam. Be blessed by the Good Shepherd.

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