April 22, 2010

Symbols as Windows

The old saying goes, "eyes are the windows to the soul." I'm not sure I buy this. I mean, sure, you can see some stuff in peoples eyes, I can tell my daughter is smiling just by her eyes, but there is plenty you can't see. The hollow stare of an Alzheimer's patient does not even begin to tell you the story of her soul, her passion, her life.

Jesus said that his works testified to him. His works were the window to his soul. His acts of mercy for the poor, widowed, orphaned, oppressed showed that he cared for everyone, even those who society said weren't worth the time of day. His literal feeding of the multitudes was a window to the spiritual feeding he hoped to give.

In the Acts lesson for Sunday we hear about Tabitha and her ministry to the widows of Joppa. The garments that were left behind when she died were the window into her soul. Finely crafted and able to be sold for a good price, they would help feed and tend to the widows of Joppa. They were just tunics, but they showed Tabitha's love and her service to the Kingdom.

What testifies to you? What is the window to your soul? Your passion?

Are you gifted in prayer? Is your worn out Prayer Book your window?
Are you gifted in compassion? Is your hug your window?
Are you gifted in helps? Are your dishpan hands your window?
Are you gifted in administration? Is that big event your window?

When people looked through Jesus' works, they saw the Father. When people looked through Tabitha's garments they saw Jesus. What do people see when they look through your window? Is it about you? Or is it about showing the love of God in the world around you?

Symbols that point to us are symbols not worth having. Symbols that are windows to God, well they are worth decorating, cleaning, and showing the world.

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