April 13, 2010

back to work

Peter, Thomas, Nathanael, James, John and two others are sitting on the dock of the bay... wasting time. John is clear that this is the third time Jesus has appeared to his disciples post-resurrection, and yet they still are wandering, blindly, unsure what to do next.

Peter, for one, decides to resume the routine and go back to work, and the rest follow suit. As the story plays out, however, Jesus' plan has nothing to do with fishing and everything to do with shepherding. Jesus wants Peter and the rest to get back to work, but this work is feeding lambs, this work is tending sheep, this work is preaching, teaching, and healing.

When we aren't living into our call as disciples, all we are doing is wasting time, but if we love God, follow his commands, and go to work; well, then all things are possible.

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